The Haiti BC Foundation & Staff

At the Foundation:

The Haiti Bas-Citronnier Foundation began with the first-hand observations of Haiti native and New York resident Yves Deshommes, who returned from several personal trips to his homeland after the devastating earthquake of January, 2010.  In the process of making his own contributions of relief supplies and other help, he identified needs that were not being met by large-scale government and NGO charitable and relief agencies.  Upon his return to New York, he circulated descriptions of what he had seen, and as important, who, on the ground in Haiti, could be relied upon to reliably convert monetary contributions into direct benefit in a community bypassed by large bureaucracies.


Executive Director:

Yves Deshommes


Board of Directors:

Sybil Shainwal
Abby Kanareck
Dr. Jamie Koufman 
Dr. Gerald Sweder
Dr.Noel Mc Claren
Treasurer : Betty Bruno


Advisory Board:

Dr. Joshua Beer
Dr. Victoria Zubkina
Lawrence Kaagan

On The Ground, at Bas-Citronniers:

Williamson Julien
Marie Dominique Paul
Nadege Casseus
My Hiendy Charles
Miguelda Jean Baptiste